The Ontario Human Rights Commission

Concept | UI | UX

The Challenge

to create a digital learning module raising awareness on issues regarding racism and racial discrimination based on the OHRC’s policy and guidelines on Preventing Racism and Racial Discrimination.

The Approach

My approach to this course was to let the content shine through. It's all about real stories, real dialogue and authentic discourse supported through visual minimalism. I wanted to honour the stories, conversations, and history that is presented throughout the course and engage the learner through scenarios and vignettes to challenge their thinking and create lasting behavioural shifts.

OHRC Learning Resource Characters
OHRC Learning Module Screenshoot

The Intent

My goal was to add texture to the learning experience and accentuate the everyday nature of the subject matter. By building connections and associations the learner can appreciate that even though they may not have experienced racial discrimination it is something that happens to their friends, co-workers and strangers on the street. Learners will be taken on a journey that provides relatable context, reflective opportunities and meaningful behavioural change.

Initial Sketches

With each project of this nature I begin by sketching potential user flows, and wireframes outlining the interactions. I then take these and build out digital wireflows that illustrate the content hierarchy, UI and required visual elements.

Visual Design

Due to the nature of the subject matter I wanted to let the content speak for itself. The created visuals that were clean and bold to act as a support to the written and narrated content.